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WufWuf Rabbit In The Egg Shell, Small/Medium

WufWuf Rabbit In The Egg Shell, Small/Medium

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Ready for the annual egg hunt? Let's sniff out these treats!

This Hoppy bunny plush toy ticks all the boxes your dog needs in a toy. Designed to mentally stimulate by acting as an interactive food puzzle and cuddly plush toy. 

Velcro fastening allows the bunny to be attached to the colourful basket and removed if needed. Simply hide some of your dog’s favourite treats and kibbles into the basket and let them utilise their natural foraging instincts for good fun! 

Crinkly ears and internal squeakers ensure maximum engagement and entertainment, while the soft plush fabric is soft on their gums and teeth. 

Available in two sizes to accommodate all sizes and breeds. 

 * Small ( 14 x 22 x 8 cm)  and Large (18 x 28 x 10 cm) 
 * Pink bunny with multi-colour basket. 
 * Crinkly body parts 
 * Internal Squeaker 

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