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WufWuf - Halloween Scarf

WufWuf - Halloween Scarf

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Spooktacular Halloween scarf will make your pup look spooky&cool!

Find the pawfect size for your pup & get spooky!

Bright Halloween colours look adorable on our fur-babies. It's the cutest Halloween gift!

Happy Halloween!

How to use:

1. Tell your hoomans to get their own Halloween scarfs because they'll probably try it on and say "ahh this actually looks good on me".
2. Make sure you slobber on it so hoomans don't steal.
3. Put your head through the big hole.
4. Enjoy looking spooky&cool!

Neck Hole sizes' are:

Small - 8 cm  Medium - 12 cm  Large - 16 cm

Note: Please specify the size you want in the note section.

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