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WufWuf - Rabbit In The Egg Shell - Large

WufWuf - Rabbit In The Egg Shell - Large

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 Ready for the annual egg hunt? Let's sniff out these treats!

Mental stimulation is a crucial aspect of a dog's well-being, and the WufWuf - Rabbit In The Egg Shell excels in this area. With its innovative design, this toy acts as both an interactive food puzzle and a cuddly plush companion. The velcro fastening allows the bunny to be securely attached to the vibrant basket, providing a dynamic play experience for your pup.

One of the key advantages of this toy is its ability to tap into your dog's natural foraging instincts. By simply hiding your dog's favourite treats and kibbles inside the basket, you can turn playtime into a rewarding and engaging activity. Watch as your furry friend utilizes their problem-solving skills to uncover the hidden treasures, providing mental stimulation and hours of entertainment.

The WufWuf - Rabbit In The Egg Shell doesn't stop there—it offers additional features to enhance your dog's play experience. The crinkly ears and internal squeakers add a layer of excitement and intrigue, captivating your dog's attention and encouraging active play. These engaging sounds and textures ensure that your pup will stay entertained and mentally engaged for extended periods.

We understand the importance of your dog's health and safety, which is why this plush toy is crafted from soft, plush fabric. Not only does it provide a cosy companion for cuddles, but it is also gentle on your dog's gums and teeth during play. The WufWuf - Rabbit In The Egg Shell is designed with your dog's well-being in mind, ensuring they can play and snuggle without discomfort.

To accommodate dogs of all sizes and breeds, the WufWuf - Rabbit In The Egg Shell is available in two sizes. Whether you have a small or large dog, there's a perfect fit for everyone. Regardless of their size, your furry friend will benefit from the mental stimulation, entertainment, and comfort this toy provides.

Give your dog a toy that not only brings joy but also promotes mental well-being. Experience the delight on your pup's face as they embark on a delightful journey of problem-solving, foraging, and playful companionship. Treat your four-legged friend to the best—choose WufWuf!

  • Small ( 14 x 22 x 8 cm)  and Large (18 x 28 x 10 cm)
  • Pink bunny with multi-colour basket. 
  • Crinkly body parts 
  • Internal Squeaker 
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