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Trixie Active Mouse Cat Toy

Trixie Active Mouse Cat Toy

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If you and your cat skew toward a more whimsical (and self-sufficient) plush mouse, you need the Trixie Plush Active-Mouse.

This Trixie Active Mouse is a battery-operated toy made of plush (polyester) that moves around on its own for increased stimulation of your cat’s hunting instinct.

It stops on touch and starts moving again after renewed contact and changes direction if it meets resistance. It’s definitely an upgrade to any plush mouse you had before.

Besides its obvious mouse-looking appearance, it acts like if it were real prey, without having an alive mouse running around in your home. The Trixie Active-Mouse is the best solution for any indoor cat.

This Trixie Plush Active-Mouse will make your cat run and exercise throughout the whole house, leaving them without the energy to scratch off-the-limits furniture and improving their overall health.


  • Plush (Polyester)
  • Stops on touch and starts moving again after renewed contact
  • Changes direction on its own if it meets resistance
  • Surely stimulates the cat’s hunting instinct
  • Suitable for cats of all breeds!
  • Battery-operated (Battery’s not included)

Measurements: 8 cm

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