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Sportspet Mini Bounce 45mm Halloween, 4 Pack

Sportspet Mini Bounce 45mm Halloween, 4 Pack

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The Indestructible Mini Bounce Dog Balls, specially crafted for smaller pets! With a diameter of 45mm, these balls pack an unbeatable bounce, thanks to their unique dimple design. Perfect for captivating playtime with your furry companions, whether they're small dogs or cats.

Safety is our top priority. That's why each mini ball is meticulously crafted without harmful paraffins and PAHs, ensuring a safe and non-toxic play experience for your petite pals.

Tough, yet gentle—the perfect balance for your little ones. Constructed from a superior blend of natural and Japanese rubbers, these balls offer durability tailored to the softer jaws of smaller pets.

But that's not all. These mini balls are not only tough but also eye-catching, coming in vibrant colors for high visibility. Whether on land or in water, they're easy to spot, making them ideal for your little adventurer's playtime.

Designed with safety in mind, these mini balls are specifically tailored for smaller breeds and cats. Always ensure the ball size matches your pet's jaw and play style for the ultimate playtime experience.
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