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Smart Choice - Lick Mat & Slow Feeder for Dogs

Smart Choice - Lick Mat & Slow Feeder for Dogs

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This lick mat and slow feeder pet bowl encourages slower eating, helping to improve digestion.

  • Slows down treat time
  • Makes bath time fun
  • Suitable for both cats and dogs
  • Fun bone imprint design
  • Anti skid suction base

Three assorted colours; blue, green and orange

Dimensions: 15cm x 18cm x 1cm

Material: TPR


HEALTHY & FUN: It allows both wet and dry foods to be smeared on its textured silicone surface to encourage active licking. Licking stimulates saliva production and improves digestive health in dogs.

DISTRACT: With 37 cups on the back of every lick pad, pets are sure to be entertained making grooming a breeze! Stick the pad to a variety of surfaces like windows, fridge door, walls or bathtub.

KEEP CALM: Licking helps the release of endorphins in pets, reducing anxiety and making them feel calmer and more relaxed.

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