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Smart Choice Dog Print Sherpa Pet Blanket - 90 cm x 70 cm

Smart Choice Dog Print Sherpa Pet Blanket - 90 cm x 70 cm

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Unveil the charm of the season with our enchanting Sherpa Pet Blanket—the ultimate blend of comfort and style for your beloved furry friend!

Elevate their snuggle game with our whimsical dog print design, featuring a playful bone and star pattern that adds a delightful touch to every cuddle session.

The Sherpa material creates a cozy atmosphere of warmth and comfort, turning every moment into a retreat. Worried about post-use cleanup? Fret not! Our blanket's polyester construction ensures easy care and hassle-free machine washing, leaving you more time to enjoy your time.

But this isn't just a blanket; it's a statement for your pet!

Every pet owner needs this essential accessory that goes beyond functionality; it's a must-have for capturing those memorable moments. It's not just a thoughtful and practical gesture; it shows your love for pets.

Small / Medium: 90 cm x 70 cm, 220 gr

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