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Smart Choice Christmas Dinner Rope Dog Toy

Smart Choice Christmas Dinner Rope Dog Toy

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Introducing the Smart Choice Christmas Dinner Rope Dog Toy! It's a fantastic addition to your pet's toy collection, measuring a nice 50cm long. This toy blends soft plush with tough rope for lots of interactive play.

It's perfect for tug-of-war and pulling games, keeping your furry pal entertained. Inside, there are three cute plush characters – a carrot, a sprout, and a Christmas pudding – each with its own squeaker to keep your dog excited.

The rope isn't just tough, it also helps clean your dog's teeth as they chew and play. Plus, each plush character is about 11cm big, just right for your dog to carry around.

Whether it's holiday play or everyday fun, this toy guarantees hours of entertainment and exercise for your pet. Give them the gift of playtime with this fun and versatile toy!

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