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Scrumbles Christmas Dog Advent Calendar x 7 pack

Scrumbles Christmas Dog Advent Calendar x 7 pack

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Christmas Dog Advent Calendar for adult dogs and puppies over 8 Weeks

Unleash the Ultimate Holiday Joy for Your Pup with Our Dog Advent Calendar

Deck the halls with paws and prepare for an unforgettable holiday season with our Dog Advent Calendar, a pawsome treat-filled journey that will delight even the most discerning canine companions. Each day leading up to Christmas, your furry friend will eagerly anticipate the unveiling of a new door, revealing a delectable treat or two that will make their tail wag with excitement.

Nourish Your Pup's Tummy with Delicious and Prebiotic-Packed Treats

Our Dog Advent Calendar features an assortment of 24 prebiotic-rich treats, including our customer-favorite Gnashers Dog Dental Sticks, savory Chicken Nibbles, and calming Nibbles Calming Dog Treats. These treats are not only mouthwateringly delicious but also packed with prebiotics to support your dog's digestive health and keep their tummy in tip-top shape throughout the festive season.

Suitable for Dogs and Puppies of All Ages

Whether you have a playful puppy just starting their holiday adventures or a seasoned canine connoisseur, our Dog Advent Calendar has something for everyone. Our treats are formulated for dogs and puppies from 8 weeks old and are gluten-free to ensure every pup can enjoy the holiday festivities without any tummy troubles.

Keep Your Pup's Excitement in Check

While your pup's excitement is understandable, we recommend keeping the Dog Advent Calendar out of reach to avoid any window-smashing incidents. We wouldn't want your pup to miss out on the joy of daily surprises!

Unwrap a World of Holiday Delights for Your Pup

Order our Dog Advent Calendar today and let the holiday countdown begin! Your pup will thank you for the pawsitively thrilling surprises that await them each day.

What's hidden in our Advent Calendar for Puppies and Dogs?

Gnashers: Dog Dental Sticks
These crunchy delights are a customer favorite, baked to perfection with active ingredients to combat plaque. Naturally plant-based and low in fat, Gnashers will leave your dog's teeth gleaming. Click the link if you're seeking a daily dental stick for your canine companion.

Chicken Nibbles
Made from natural ingredients with no added sugars or salts, these meaty bites are a savory delight. Crafted with tasty chicken, they offer an irresistible treat for your furry friend.

Nibbles Calming Dog Treats
Ease your pooch through the holiday hustle with our calming treats. Thoughtfully crafted with turkey, chamomile, and lemon balm, these treats ensure a stress-free howliday season, especially if you're playing host!


Chicken Softies: Dried Chicken* 26%, Oats* 19%, Chickpea* 15%, Glycerine 15%, Sweet Potato* 8%, Poultry Fat 5%, Duck dried* 4%, Pumpkin* 4%, Linseed* 1 %, Chia Seeds* 0.5%, Slippery Elm Bark* 0.1%.

Nibbles: Dried Turkey* 30%, Chickpea* 30%, Sweet Potato* 30%, Rapeseed Oil* 8%, Lemon Balm* 0.5%, Chamomile* 0.5%, Slippery Elm Bark* 0.1%, Glucosamine* 0.1%.

Chicken Bites: Chicken 60%, sweet potato 14.25%, potato 14.25%, vegetable glycerol 10%, blend of organic acid and minerals 1.5%, slippery elm 50mg/kg


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