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MyMeow - Bee Relaxed Cat Hammock

MyMeow - Bee Relaxed Cat Hammock

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Anyone with cats know that they like to be high up. So, we have designed a cat hammock specifically to satisfy their sense of security, without hanging out in those dusty top shelves and wreaking havoc. 

The MyMeow Hammock comes in a special pattern to attract your cat's interest and provides a warm and comfortable place for your fluffball to snooze.

Convenient hanging design; strong holding straps support up to 20 pounds.

Easy to clean; machine washable -30 °C (Please remove velcro straps before washing)

Attach it to a suitable place using the straps and watch your kitty taking the best naps on this special hammock! Bee relaxed!

The My Meow Hammock can be installed under chairs, stools or coffee tables.

Product Dimensions

Without hangers: 28 x 28cm

With hangers: 40 x 40cm

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