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MyMeow - Catnip Teabags

MyMeow - Catnip Teabags

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Keep Your Cat Happy: Our North American 100% natural Catnip Teabags are the perfect way to keep your feline friend happy and entertained for hours.

Scratch No More: Tired of your cat scratching your furniture? Simply hide our Catnip Teabags on their favorite toys, scratchers, or even items like socks, small bags, or gloves. Turn everyday objects into irresistible cat toys and watch them play and scratch to their heart's content

All-Natural Fun: Our Catnip Teabags are made from the finest and purest grade catnip grown in North America, making it a safe and all-natural way to encourage your cat's playful side.

Relax Your Cat: Our Catnip Teabags promote relaxation and calmness without any harmful chemicals, making it the perfect way to soothe your cat naturally.

Easy and Effective: Simply hide our Catnip Teabags on your cat's favorite toys or scratchers, and watch them go wild with excitement. It's an easy and effective way to keep your cat entertained.

Unbeatable Quality: Our Catnip Teabags are made from the strongest, finest, and purest grade catnip available, ensuring maximum potency and effectiveness. Your cat will love it!

The Perfect Treat: Treat your cat to something special with our Catnips. Whether it's a relaxing evening at home or a fun playtime, our catnip will keep them happy and engaged.

Safe and Healthy: Our Catnips are completely safe for your cat, with zero side effects, making it a healthy and worry-free addition to their daily routine.

Affordable and Fun: Our Catnip Teabags offer an affordable and fun way to keep your cat entertained and happy, without breaking the bank.

Inspiring and Fragrant: The fragrant herb in our Catnip inspires lively play and keeps your cat engaged and happy. It's the perfect addition to any cat toy or scratcher.


Package Dimension: 13 x 23 x 2 cm

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