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MyMeow's Purrfect Pairings: Wine & Cheese Cat Toy Set

MyMeow's Purrfect Pairings: Wine & Cheese Cat Toy Set

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Cheese and Meowine, Everything’s Fine!

In this set let your cat discover the world of wine and cheese. The purrfect pairing to play with when having the most delicious treats! Now it’s time to open a bottle to share, ‘cause it’s always 5 o’clock somewhere ;) 

MEOWINE - Refillable Plush Cat Toy

Only the best bottle of wine for the best kitty. No need to whine, just play with Meowine! And when the catnip smell starts to fade, you can refill it to make the playing and bunny kicking last forever.

EMMEOWTAL - Plush Cat Toy

Everypawdy knows that wine and cheese goes great together. So here’s your cat’s Emmeowtal cheese! It will have your cat purring for more. And don’t you worry, this cheese is lactose free!

CATNIP BRIE - Refillable Plush Cat Toy

Let your cat enjoy some Catnip Brie; refillable, soft and cuddly. Guaranteeing endless hours of cheese bliss, it’s the best brie for your purrfect kitty!


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